MaxFan Features

* User selectable start temperature from 170 to 200 degrees in 2 degree increments.

* Continuously variable fan speed from around 30 percent to 100 percent over a 10 degree temperature range.

* The LED indicator for the interior of the car will show when MaxFan has turned on the fan.

* Lower Coolant temperatures mean the Transmission Fluid temperature for Automatics will be lower.

* MaxFan works with the factory power controller and fan assembly.

* At Engine Off, MaxFan will run the fan (if coolant is above set temperature) for up to 6 minutes normal operation, plus 4 minutes low speed. This reduces the temperature of the engine and engine compartment, up to 25 degrees.

* Engine Off fan operation will cease if the battery voltage goes below 11 volts, protecting a weak battery.

* MaxFan draws no battery current at the end of the Engine Off delay period.

* There is no reprogramming of the ECM, so your warranty is not impacted.

* The Factory temperature monitoring and safety circuits are not affected.

* All ECM fan requests are monitored and if greater than the MaxFan temperature sensor request, the ECM request will control the fan. (The ECM monitors the airconditioning head pressure, transmission fluid temperature and oil temperature.)

* Return Policy:
--Not installed, as received - 15 days - Full refund, minus $10 shipping.
--Installed, not damaged - 45 days - Full refund, minus $35 restocking.

* Warranty: 24 months repair or replacement on the MaxFan control module ($25 shipping and handling fee applies.)