Inline Connector Option Installation


Use these instructions in place of Steps 2 thru 6 of the basic Installation using the direct connect PWM cable. Refer to the "Inline" photos for the following steps.

Step 1. Disconnect the 3 wire connector located slightly above the fan power module (NOT the connector that plugs into the bottom of the fan power module). Caution: This connector is difficult to reach, so review the photos and the Inline Connector Assembly to become familiar with how to remove the secondary connector lock (if used) and release the latch. I could only do this working from the bottom of the car.

Step 2. Carefully route the Inline connector assembly down to the connectors disconnected in Step 1. above.

Step 3. Align the ends of the Inline connectors to each of the connector ends made available from Step 1. above. Ensure the connectors are completely inserted and latched. Insert the secondary connector locks.